Assignment User Scenario

Paul is a physical fitness layman determined to improve his overall wellbeing. He lacks the indepth knowledge of the benefits a healthy diet can have on his body, but still recognises that a correlation exists. Eager to begin with the easiest steps he opts to raise his water intake. Admittedly a bit ignorant on where to begin, he starts by looking for an application that can set him on the right path. Paul puts his details into his newly discovered water-intake logging application and is informed of his recommended daily requirement based on his weight, height, age and activity level.

Ever forgetful, the app reminds Paul throughout the day to consume a glass of water. Paul is able to set the time constraints for when these notifications will appear so that they do not disturb him. When Paul successfully follows these instructions, he can then record the amount of water he has consumed. He is then presented with animation which visually “logs” this data and adds it towards his daily goal.

Paul, who has become more organised and dedicated to improving himself, purchases a bottle to hold a set amount of water. He can utilise pre-sets so that when he finishes this bottle, he is able to log its contents with the tap of a button. Thus, the app accommodates Paul as he becomes more dedicated on his self-improvement journey. Whenever Paul is finished for the day, he is able to view his intake and get an insight into his intake over the months. This data is optionally available to be exported to the Apple health application.